Meet Joe

I am a Binghamton University alum with a Master's degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor's degree in Political Science with an International Relations concentration. I have attended multiple educational institutions in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the United States that enabled the development of strong social and leadership skills. I'm a young professional in Lebanese politics and public administration with experience in case management, research, education, emergency response management, and nonprofit management. My ultimate goal is to leave this planet better than how I found it.



To empower is to look beyond one's limited past and look into what they hope, dream and aspire to become.
As the Refugee Support Services Program Manager, I empower refugees and asylees by assisting with housing, employment services, healthcare, and social services.
As a mentor, I empower students to help them reach their full potential by guiding, supporting and advising them.

"to understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to do." ~ Khalil Gibran


To protect is to preserve our values from harm and threats. To safeguard our humanity and civility.
Firefighters all speak one language, whether in New York or in Beirut. Our main goal is to protect lives, property and society from fires and disasters. We are called to the front lines during unsafe and urgent incidents and ensure the best outcomes given any circumstances.


Being in service of the community is an honor and offers pride and hope in humanity. Volunteering is a service that is in constant need. It is an essential pillar in safeguarding our human rights and values.
Organizations I'm involved with include:
- Binghamton Auxiliary Police
- Lebanese Information Center
- Binghamton City School District
- Vestal Fire Department
- Green Vests
- Medonations

"There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward." ~Khalil Gibran



As inhabitants of this planet, it is our responsibility to take care of and restore the nature in which we live in and nurture from. I co-founded and currently manage Green Vests to focus on taking care of our environment and creating a sustainable community for future generations.

"The Earth is not just an ordinary planet" ~Le Petit Prince

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